Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Where Are The Haz-Mat Suits?

Materials were flammable..hazardous; whats up with this? they wanna call me Chemical Ali!

Spiritual significance is measured!! this is what it do; holla at me! might spot me in the hooptie up in Louisville rolling down Muhammad Ali...

Forensic rhetoric combines with broken beats; similar to smoking and colon cancer...a deadly combination?

For or against us...whose really down? we got over it like Dr. Phil..broken hearts have mended..we're ready for what were facing!

Whats up with us? some say it's like Caylee peace or justice...actually it's vice versa...haters try to curse were experiencing technical difficulties; whose at fault?  is it the machine or the operator?

What's up with us? are you experienced like Jimi Hendrix? now rolling like Sades Smooth Operator! 

Loathing and fearing made you pump brakes like Bendix!! checking yourself before your wrecking yourself!

Word from Ice Cube;  figure out the Rubix Cube with your bad self!

But some get mad at themselves!! they  couldn't do it in six minutes like Dougie Fresh; they weren't on on on!

Some weren't taught to it was a deep hole some dug themselves..they're residents of a danger zone!

Now a dangerous one will make inflammatory remarks like Nancy stated they can back them up!

During I-20 Chronicles; up in the St Paul AME Church in Sumter, SC we prayed for traveling grace..we knew materials were hazardous; haz-mat suits were rocked by first responders...but the fumes make them back up!

Whats up with us? back up in this!! damned if we do or don't tell these stories!

It's like the crisis in Libya...we're bearing witness to the hostile takeover of these territories!

GPS will track this or that!! where you at? I told some its like this and like that and a!

Materials were considered hazardous; but check the spiritual significance...some might understand a bruh!

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