Friday, July 29, 2011

We Were Under Attack PT.5 ...But Fighting Back..

The enemy is misbehaving...acting like John Boehner and havens and safe harbors were raided; we were under attack!

All bets are off in the crap game in Vegas casinos or in inner city projects..even though numbers were faded;  jackers will slap you with the blackjack! 

Whats up with that? sounding like Jay-Z and Kanye disrespecting Otis..talking about they're swimming in wealth!

Now the Chevy Impala is coming around the corner with jackers stalking those fronting;  its a threat to your health!

The moves we make our stealth!! we fight those who are drunk off the power; like they chilled with Jimmy Buffett in Margaritaville....

But we're putting it down..we're doing it to death like Fred Wesley and The JBs!! please!! the game is from Newburg / Louisville.

So whats the deal...what's going down?  some act like PFC. Naser Abdo...said they're representing...say they're all this and that..but they take the wrong approach!

Enemy positions get bombarded!! the wrong territory? that's where they encroach!

A veteran that now coaches; issued the warning that Armageddon approaches so prepare yourself!

We're under attack!! spotted the casualties; some injuries were self inflicted; did we truth or dare our self?

Caught out there..earlier somebody told us to go on with our bad self..but actually it was a set up....

We jumped to the wrong were on the right one...the train of thought is rolling on the right track...we keep moving....we can't let up!!

We were ambushed. under attack..we were jumped...knocked down..but we got back it's on and cracking....

Spots get bum rushed...facing retribution and repercussions...O-Dizzle is blackjacking..

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