Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We Were Under Attack PT.2

We were under attack; the enemy tries to be slick with it; sick with it!

....Saw I had the knack for survival; I didn't stop didn't quit!! the original plan? I stick with it!

Wasn't led into the darkness by so called mentors, prophets, and other charlatans!

The mothership? I had to park this on earth after intergalactic journeys; now Clashing with Titans and so called Spartans!

Once chilled with Martians and Plutonians; now it's like Obama in the debt ceiling talks..I'm dealing with the drama these earthlings bring!

Partitions were put up like the Gaza Strip; relationships were supposedly platonic; but somebody lied!! I can tell by the dirty deeds and work they bring!

I even heard they could sing..a wannabe soul singer!! but O-Zone reads minds like signs out on I-20 in Atlanta!

..from Birmingham to Columbia...what's up with ya? what did they want from me? ..they tried to front....said they didn't understand a bruh!

....So during the ongoing Smoke and Mirrors Show I knew nobody would have my back! as the apparatus continues their attack..

Still going for what I'm knowing; show and proving like Derek Jeter!! at the end of the day they see I had the knack!

....For survival....but it seems some peoples mission is to delay my arrival to the promised land!

....Some thought the promised land was down here in Atlanta; living the American dream that's promised them!

Aunt Jemima and Uncle Thomas and them told them its all gravy baby!!

But like Gemini theres two sides to the game; its all good and shady like Grady!

Listening to Disco Lady by Johnny Taylor in the old hooptie one step ahead of haters; their mission try to delay us!

Whose at the disco inferno dancing with the devil? drama is taken to another level...somebody pray for us!!

The enemy will lay for us in the cut..waiting for us to put our guard down so they can attack...

But we will proceed and continue..survival? these brothas have the knack!!

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