Thursday, July 28, 2011

We Were Under Attack PT.4...The Saga / Struggle Continues..

Spotted the rockets red glare as bombs burst in the air; we were under attack!

Seeing how hot it can get..64 people killed in the heatwave across the US...even saw lightning strike the steeple at the temple of doom!! peace? some will lack!

Whose sitting in four cornered rooms  like that group War? or are they fighting these gamblers out for a fast buck that have the economy jacked up?

Ramblers off at the mouth get hit with the blackjack or with the toolie!! they'll get smacked up!

Plutonian intergalactic journeys were taken; at the International Space Station chilling.. but we weren't through now were back down to earth...what's it all worth? as a brotha gets scientific...the mothership? I backed up; beep beep was heard!

Whatcha knowing? I peeped game like the Hubble Telescope...damn!! haters were trying to pull an okey doke..whose trying to play us like a joke? Scorpions were disrespected!! what...Pluto not a planet? I know where this is going; based on what occurred!

Speech was slurred; some were drunk or smoked out on the herb; it was a coping strategy!

Knew how they felt; like Libya we were attacked internally and externally; told you earlier life is hectic..the arch nemesis tried to get at me!

....Tried to holla at me and my peeps;  like its a family reunion...but really wanting us to crash and burn!

Now authorities are at the scene trying to recreate the accident looking for the black box; what will they learn?

They learn that this black man rocks!! they'll burn baby burn from the disco inferno!

We were under attack but we fight back; we knew these haters wouldn't work with a bruh!

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