Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chilling Instead Of Illing / But Soon Ready To Roll

Whats the deal?  like Drew Brees and the Saints...this bruh is chilling instead of illing! 

I was observing the scene....the thought and fashion police were on patrol like Arizona police enforcing immigration laws; plus roadblocks are set up...they heard somebody was making a killing! 

Plus jokers tried to set up martial law like Egypt...whats up with it?  Sonic Assaults are usually unleashed in response; clashing with titans is a regular occurrence!

Reality taught us you can be built or torn down during debatable circumstances! 

Whats the deally? from New York to Florida..and on out to Texas  bath salts and K-2 led to cannibalism;  chemicals didn't balance!

Faults and imperfections were accented when others show malice! 

Trolls attack the palace!! they heard that the joint was jumping! 

Po Po rolls up on wannabe macks and divas or pimps and pimpstresses that the ATL anointed; they thought they had it jumping! 

Whats up with me?  this good word and funky tracks are the business ....but still able to pimp through..were humping like its the middle of the week! 

Putting work in blue collar style; but told to let nature take its course....but soon flooded like Florida in Tropical Storm Debby;  of course others were wishing it was simple....but like the consumer confidence in June..the outlook is bleak! 

Going all out!! trying to put together a winning streak....but knocked out of the playoffs like the Los Angeles Lakers! beat like the Miami Heat did the OK City Thunder...

Going all out!! but at the moment chilling instead of illing...I'm tired of playing off these fakers! they're trying to take me under...

Going all out!!  down with risk takers like those in Syria who can't accept the status quo!

Chilling instead of illing; observing the scene..but soon ready to roll ....I'm on my way going for what I know!




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