Sunday, June 17, 2012

Just Trying To Maintain...The Saga / Struggle Continues

I asked the little homies what was up?  they said they're just trying to maintain! 

Jokers were swerving...but they failed to negotiate the turn in the hard luck piles on; they're feeling the pain!

Drama brokers were observing the scene with drones..whatcha know about these danger zones?  can you stand the rain per New Edition? 

El-P mentioned Drones Over Brooklyn...whatcha know?  dude was once pimping like Herman Cain...then his mind cracked; I heard him singing like Stokely of Mint Condition! 

He got to a point where he didn't think...he just pushed on..trying to drop in to see what condition his condition was in per Kenny Rogers! 

Or maybe the Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings version....whatever's working....anyway...he got to a point where he didn't try to figure things out any more..but I knew the score.. science and funk I drop on the masses...even though I caught the sideways glances down here in the ATL;  the snapback I rocked said LA Dodgers!

Meanwhile dude said he didn't think any more he just pushed on...getting out of Dodge was the plan for those caught up in the system matrix! 

The fast truck...the Dodge Ram or maybe even the Dodge Charger dipped down I-85 in Atlanta; driven by one who faked it! 

The gambler out for the fast buck had his home foreclosed on; now one step ahead of the repo man! 

The bad hard luck piled on!! baby girl said "yeah....that's what happened! 

Jokers asked me...whats happening captain? I told them I'm just trying to maintain...take a look around! 

Things are getting ugly; others said they knew what was up with me...they said I'm usually where a crook is found!


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