Saturday, June 09, 2012

Yeah!! Its Like This

Yeah!!!  uh huh;  its like this!! the whole game is shady..from Republicans crashing the economy to the health care industry cutting a deal with Obama....just take a look around! 

Whats up with a bruh? I noticed its going down from Damascus to dealing with the Dragons of Atlantis...please!! I'm not faking the funk when I bring the sound!

Intergalactic like Star Trek with this thing; in Transit like Venus;  just got back from trips out beyond Mars and Pluto! 

Damn it!! I'm bearing witness to erratic results from those that faked it like Romney trying to win Hispanic votes.. some didn't take left with emotional scars;  now they need a mentor..they're trying to ask you what you know! 

Fanatics joined cults;  promotions altered perceptions just like Facebook IPO's....they'll send for you; might even ride in limos! 

Mathematics showed angles and triangles; whose face to face with a crook....Bilderberg meetings lacked demos! 

Mathematics / interactive platforms showed Louisville / Newburg greetings when somebody stepped out of line...per First 48...

Fanatics try to dodge repo / recovery agents who track this and that vehicle from Charlotte / Mecklenberg to South Beach in Miami .....who also issue greetings due to the economy;  as corporations show hate....

Smart Data Recovery agents hack this and that; life is a bitch not a beach...while trilateral commissions sessions lack greetings for the common man! 

Why did they start it?  jokers holla atcha!!  information overload?  recovery agents for corporations have unpleasant meetings for the common man! 

......Abort operations the Dekalb County, GA Swat Team told trap house residents over in Decatur; confiscating contraband and even the PT Cruiser! 

Yeah!!!  uh huh; its like that!! out for the count...some will be knocked out;  meanwhile O-Dizzle rocked out...refusing to be a loser!

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