Thursday, June 07, 2012

Staying In Transit...Still Sliding Through The Portal

Whats up? patches were made for the software;  in the meantime I was like Venus In Transit...I found a portal to slide through! 

O-Dizzles batches up the fresh funk;  were coming with it!!  check us out in your the hooptie...we didn't take mass we ride through! 

Knew the dizzle about capers that were pulled; truth be told?  some were fooled..they'll get released like Chad Ochocinco...nobody will hide you from authorities! 

So whats the dizzle? Ben Bernanke won't even help you..that's how it goes in these hostile territories!

The O-Dog funk will stank...he's going off on O-Zone is using a hot style to tell these stories; not talking sideways like Bill Clinton...that's word from the hot messenger!

Using a hot style as I slide through the portal will the sport go?  jokers said I had a hot mess for ya! 

All up in the spot!! due to the information overload there's more stress for ya;  the joke is on us was an inside one! 

Y'all might spot a bruh dipping....circulating  through the galaxy like the ISS.. one step ahead of storm troopers trying to ride on one! 

Snitches tried to dupe us; they lied on one or some are caught up in the system matrix! 

Dials and switches are hit as O-Dizzle loops those beats based on intergalactic journeys; after sliding through the portal...real with it!!  we didn't fake it!

As we make a break for it...dropping this breakbeat science for it..for them...the masses...

Staying in transit...please!! there was too much drama on earth when the mothership we continue to make advances..

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