Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Progress Report

So whats really going on?  I’m caught in a moment of time;  whats the prognosis? 

As I analyze the information….running the race like Lance Armstrong…doping part of the transformation?  will I change methods to the madness;  how will I approach this?

The mothership was the mode of transportation. rolling like the asteroid 2012 LZ1….as I recognize the pattern; I might coach this another way..all up in this sport!

As a brotha gets scientific….I just got back from Pluto, Mars and Saturn;  so whats the progress report?

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The Progress Report « Whats Really Going On?


Mirza Ghalib said...

Only shows that we still have very limited knowledge of space's dangers heading this way. In this case, I don't see what could of been done to stop this rock and the impact would of been a major event, possibly with catastrophic damage/consequences. Scary stuff.

O-ZONE said...

true indeed...scientists think they know about space....but they don't know half of the story..