Sunday, June 10, 2012

Here We Go Again...The Saga / Struggle Continues

The emergency broadcast system said this is a test and only a test; so how will we respond to situations? 

Who will work with me? like Romney said Obama is out of touch...I face accusations... so called authority figures said they will monitor situations! 

They're plotting / scheming;  instigations are meant to take some under! 

Fabrics are rotting..tattered / falling apart;  whose seeking shelter from the rain, lightning, and thunder?
Back with this like the OK City Thunder .....were running and gunning!

Back with the Miami Heat back in the NBA Finals...some celebrate like Kool and The Gang....Let The Music Play per Barry White; meanwhile O-Dizzle has the funky drummer drumming! 

A haters behavior was unbecoming........just check out that  shootout in Auburn..what are some on?  plans fizzle due to glitches in the matrix! 

Bear witness as we take you there on the Mars Venus Express; please!! we're in Transit...the saga / struggle continues as we keep it real; we can't fake it!

As I bear witness to what the deal is...some couldn't understand it..they couldn't shake it off like Manny Pacquiao beat by Timothy Bradley..

As I bear witness to what the deal is...It's Time For Transition...I'm circulating through the universe like the step ahead of stormtroopers that thought they had me...

As I bear witness to what the deal Spain bailed out in Euro Zone....

The saga / struggle we go again...some deal with pain and suffering in this zone...

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