Thursday, June 14, 2012

Left To Our Own Devices

This is the aftermath like Shady and Dr. Dre...The Solar Eclipse plus the Venus Transit were came and went...enhance or circumvent?  how will we play it?  some our left to their own devices! 

.....Told to "holla atcha" with this math...but you said you know what the real is!!  check the I-Phones or Blackberrys with blue tooth devices! 

Now caught up in a crisis like Chris Brown...was Drake involved? meanwhile O-Zone is dedicated to the truth; I can provide proof that the fake aren't involved..... a brotha has been paying high prices;  its time for a rebate! 

The super full moon in Scorpio had me on my toes; with this Solar Eclipse in Gemini I can't be late! 

Some said I can't debate the details concerning my freedom like its Egyptian court rulings; but actually the issue is not arbitrary! 

Some said I can't rate..said I was falling like rocks in Yosemite;  I wasn't putting down right!!  some said the art is scary! 

Please!!  I've been paying the price..."it ain't nothing nice".....whats the deally? O-Dog rocks...a bruh was willing to do it! 

Left to my own devices during the ongoing crisis...chilling but like Tiger Woods I'm not through dealing; nothing left to do but do it!

Left to my own devices during the ongoing crisis..."it ain't nothing nice" is the UN Observers  like in Syria...

They weren't here to monitor the situation...check the Total Chaos and the mass hysteria...

Misery loves company...they want us take a loss...they even told us there's no where to run or hide...

Left to our own devices...please!! for freedom? we're ready to ride....

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