Saturday, June 02, 2012

The I-20 Chronicles / Knowing How The Sport Will Go

Chilling out; Gemini sun rays beam down on me while the Moon was in Scorpio!

Damn!!! what am I dealing with? why did I try touching back down on earth like the Space X Dragon?  knowing how the sport will go!

Damn!!! what am I dealing with? I already knew these earthlings didn't want to do right like Dudley!

....Capers were pulled like Mubarak...actors and actresses followed scripts....some peeps were fooled;  perpetrators were over in Decatur or out in Lithonia chilling at Dudley's! 

Whats up with it? not disputing the truth like Express Scripts.. these I-20 Chronicles will let you know how how the sport will go! 

Whats up with these or those? trying to throw no-hitters like they were Johan Santana...they didn't want to work with me; who will support a bro? 

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta listening to Carlos Santana...but these jokers will interrupt the flow like Stuxnet;  they'll even light the Flame! 

Brokers on Wall Street play around with the money with help from G-8 and G-20; whats up money?  recognize the pattern..its all game! 

Were all at blame; chasing money...but its like chasing the wind! 

Its all game;  Bob Dylan said the answer was blowing in the wind! 

Word to those that were waiting on answers; some of them were in the dark!

I guess they were listening to Rock Creek Park by the Blackbyrds; when they talked about doing it after dark!

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