Saturday, June 16, 2012

Damn!! We're Still Subject To The Authority?

Thought and fashion police were posted up like Dekalb County police on I-20 in Atlanta...soon were subject to the authority! 

Caught up the system / matrix; these jokers fake it... its like Dallas and JR Ewing; were dealing with the drama royalty! 

Drama kings and queens do their things!! like Phil Jackson calling the New York Knicks loyalty is shown....its all about money, power, and respect! 

.....At least that's what they say;  but at the end of the day they even get played by these gamblers out for a fast buck!! but what did they expect? 

Meanwhile O-Zone is cashing reality checks; O-Dizzle makes sound effects...the drums will be the determining alter egos combine;  a dynamic duo! 

A dynamic duo like Durant and Westbrooks?  please..were in the middle of it...there's no rest for us so called crooks...danger zone residents were universal; from altered Negroes here in the ATL to extraterrestrials out beyond Mars and Pluto! 

They let me know what it do; so like the old school baptist preacher said I govern myself accordingly! 

Earthlings were tripping; even in Syria The UN stopped monitoring;  down here in Atlanta so called authority figures tried to tell me where the boundary or border will be! 

Check out how we work things;  the sound will determine things..the four track recorder will be jumping! 

Check out how we work things; like Tiger Woods..were trying to come back... blue collar style!!  like the middle of the week were humping! 

So called authority figures were stumping the masses...its tight in these some of my peeps are waiting for answers!

In this hostile territory they're waiting in the dark; word from Wayne Shorter..society is hating on these Native Dancers!

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