Monday, June 18, 2012

Whats The Deal? We're Just Trying To Maintain

Whats the deal?  please...were just trying to maintain...but others said they had it going Roger Clemens...they said its on and popping! 

Whats really going on? my other web I drop this insight..ducking and dodging  angels / demons in this zone...I see its nothing! 

Some claim that they're up to something..but get played like its Obama vs Putin..the truth some are disputing... in the middle of lights, cameras;  action! 

Its all game!!  part of the total chaos; some will take a loss.. like the future of Egypt?  whats the deal with it?  some lack stamina when dealing with the ill faction! 

They say its still cracking !! its on and the midst of the chaos and confusion! 

Big homie said he's just trying to maintain...him and his peeps? they were happy go lucky;  waiting in the dark..even if they were losing! 

All up in the broke down Lexus...down here in Georgia...from Lexington Kentucky...cruising through Babylon with reckless abandon; soon choking like Tiger Woods?  bear witness to the train wreck or car crash! 

Its tight in these gets sick like Lyme this danger zone life is hectic; with wannabe titans we clash!

Just trying to we enlighten the masses telling them what time it is...telling them what it do! 

They asked a brotha whats up?  I told them to act like they knew!

As we do what we do....this breakbeat science is dropped..O-Dizzle is the funky type of soul brotha...

Whats the deal? were just trying to maintain...O-Zone is dropping this good word on another....

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