Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Total Chaos / Caught Up In It

Taking a look around; peeping game..its like Egypt...all I see is Total Chaos! 

 I thought it was me like Bell Biv and Devoe; but I see others are taking a loss! 

Republicans crashed the economy purposely to make Obama look bad! 

Even took some of their own people down..collateral damage; as drama replaces peace they once had! 

.......If they ever had it; its Just an Illusion like that group Imagination was telling some! 

Meanwhile we have the hot message for ya;  please!! there's  no information overload...O-Zone has this good word while O-Dizzle is using the drum! 

Funky drummer style like Clyde Stubblefield or Bernard Purdie! 

Base runner sliding into base after the steal; other players stumbled across the field...."it ain't nothing nice"  and pretty! 

Word from the street committee!! with tales of gunshots ringing out overnight from the suburbs of Atlanta to Kandahar! 

I heard the streets aren't pretty in Damascus; please!!  bear witness to Total Chaos as some take a loss; hearts stop like Mubarak.. let the healing process begin for the physical and emotional scar! 

A player will ask us what it do? told them I'm playing it like Tiger Woods par for the course!

 They're dressed in linen with Stacy Adams or Steve Maddens tapping...but for others its tight in these hoods; they're in a state of despair and turmoil...Total Chaos; do some want us to take a loss?  of course!


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