Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Its Kicking Like Jackie Chan In Rush Hour

Taking a look at it....its on and popping!!  its kicking like Jackie Chan was in Rush Hour! 

Opponents are dropping like citizens in Syria; keeping the devil under my Timberland boots....whats up man?  others were snoking and joking like Chris Tucker in Rush Hour! 

They're on another level; smoked out or drunk off of brown Kentucky liquor...even high off the bath salts... crushed during the fireshower when the system did the drive by! 

I spotted another devil from a million light years away like I had a black hole telescope;  Louisville / Newburg raised me that way!!  with BeeGee methods and techniques to stay alive by! 

Meanwhile I do a spiritual drive by; I circle the block in the hooptie dropping this breakbeat science!

O-Dizzle...aka O-Dog..aka O-Dot's drums are kicking like Jackie Chan!!  he's going off on them!! while O-Zone waxs poetic about matters that will break my folks minds! 
Whats the dizzle?  one who was tricking finally understands after pumping brakes out there in the Pirate Bay...they found out its like this and like that! 

The reign began with a drizzle; how will some play? they're caught up in the system / matrix; we continue to fight that!

Plans fizzle...fights are stolen like Manny Pacquiao's  ...per Reggie Bush..but does his opinion count?  

Whats kicking to me or you might be nothing to another....so does our opinion count? 

Visions of winning have some going all out like the Miami Heat or OK City Thunder...   

They said what they have is kicking like Jackie Chan...said they're  running  these streets...flying high like Space X..but it appears they're going under...

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