Monday, July 16, 2012

The Conclusion / Confusion

Trying to finish up these projects; the Dark Knight Rises...trying to draw things to a conclusion! 

During the dark night the moon rises..the system has surprises..the prosecution objects; like Damascus persecution is up next; madness methods were drawn up in the confusion!

Dirt Devil vacuum business!! losing halos like Joe Paterno.. the institutions will have you caught up in the matrix /system!

....Hurt on so many levels by so many devils and their advocates; leading to the mass confusion...the Total Chaos....word from fraternal orders to FAMU fraternal band how you living? 

I'm playing it like Ray Charles living on the outskirts of town in the suburbs of the ATL! 

I'm saying...the drama is even out here!! one hurts themselves self inflicted wounds when the coping strategy fails! 

The bullet from the Glock sails through the atmosphere...blasting like roadside bombs in Afghanistan;  little homies show of force or frustration? 

A fool with it because society knocks the hustle? loathing and fearing is the business in this Babylon nation! 

Some will get schooled by it; social engineering and programming! 

O-Dizzle is not cool with it; breakbeat science led to mechanical engineering..check the industrial strength jams;  there's no slow jamming! 

Jokers are playing us like Obama...damning us if we do or don't; contributing to the confusion in the world..but we kept it moving!

Moving forward never backwards is the catch we jump to the conclusion!




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