Saturday, July 14, 2012

This Is For The Tribe

We were chilling out; all up in the spot it...but it was a lockdown seemed like reservations!

There's a fence around it; protecting us or keeping us in? thoughts of moving on like Ray Allen? I had my reservations! 

Plus I had my reservations for intergalactic journeys out beyond  Pluto and Mars.....trying to work these from The ATL to STL...aka St. Louis...but the hooptie is acting up! 

Plus dudes with first names ending in "tavious"  were acting up..tribe members had their conversations..but will the truth be told ? this world is cold..check the information overload..these earthlings are acting up! 

Check the attitude...were back with this...the mothership is backing up / backing in; beep beep goes the signal ...its like the Space X Dragon! 

Check the attitude as a brotha gets gangsta with it; told me... I'm macking them!! said he's on his way...ready to roll;  even though satellites are tracking him! 

....Just like NASA tracking the Venus Transit;  If I do or don't somebody will damm it! 

Especially if were caught up in the solar storm...what is O-Dizzle on? he's the master blaster; the funky type of soul brotha;  he will take a track and slam it! 

Might have passed ya on the highway from I-95 in Jax /Duval to I-75 in Cincinnati! 

Clashed with so called titans out here in the Babylon wilderness;  please!!  were Transmitting Live....universal that's the "shizzness" ...holla at me! 

Whatcha know?  whose ripped off by Visa or Master Card? tribe members are Natalie Cole said hell is caught! 

The machine dismembers, folds and mutilates; plus one who hates cannibalizes due to bath salts! 

The funk and math is dropped when Sonic Assaults take place; check the vibe!

 Check the path we're we put it down like this; doing it for the tribe!

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