Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Peeping Game / Observing The Scene

Observing the scene...things are chaotic like where's Bashar al-Assad?  whose thinking of the peace they once had? please!! we're trying to swerve through the Garman GPS was needed. 

Whose serving the masses or maybe using or corrupting them? just like Republicans crashing the economy; I noticed progress was impeded!

.....Spiritual warfare is going down...while this brotha clashes with titans another man was drunk, weeded, or even snorting bath salts!

.....Spiritual warfare is going down...while this brotha stashes obscure beats and the good word; dropping math with Sonic Assaults!

Another has rashes...any cures like for HIV? please!! the streets are talking...paths taken have some caught up in the system / matrix! 

Some stack paper like Mitt Romney then don't want to disclose it; while another cashes out like a project / casino crap game; some were soon robbed by another player that faked it! 

Another lashes out after jokers yellow caked it up like Iran; whats up man? were they were on those mushrooms?

Another trashes out the landscape..Iranians blowing up buses with Israeli tourists in Bulgaria? check the mass hysteria...some are looting their surroundings after mushroom clouds appear;  some hid in four cornered rooms! 

Word from War!!  but let the healing process other jokers make a bid...they're trying to make advances! 

Whats the knowledge? peeping game...observing the scene...please !! questions answer was revealed by the sideways glances! 

....after debatable circumstances made you wonder;  were you being built or torn down? 

Questions asked after observing the scene;  but were ready to roll ...knowing damn well some won't turn the level of scorn down!




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