Monday, July 23, 2012

Still Dealing With The Deliberate Falsehood..It Don't Stop...

We're still dealing with the deliberate falsehood dealing with the repercussions!

Some are through dealing....shut down like Penn State for acting false in the hood /perpetrating a fraud;  meanwhile we came with the percussions! 

The funky drummer is drumming as we shut it down like Public Enemy!

....In the hood on the funky four corners per Richard Marks some get down...looking for busters and marks... meanwhile like Obama Republicans plot the end of me! 

As I sit in my four cornered room like War; a brotha is trying to work it out like Willie Hutch!

The four track recorder was like an AK-47 or a chopper for those that tried to stop a brotha; check the Sonic I come through in the clutch! 

As we go forth; some are out of order; drunk or dealing with bath salts or they passed the altered dutchie from the left hand side!

 ..As we go forth; altered states have some out here talking slick when they slide! 

Check the by product from the deliberate falsehood some roll like James Holmes in Aurora...homicide is the way they play! 

Check the by product; the horror and terror due to the deliberate falsehood; genocide like Sudan or Syria check how these jokers play!

....Plus jokers were acting false in the hood; from from the Bay Area to the ATL /  Decatur on up to Louisville / Newburg! Charlotte / Mecklenburg to the NYC and DC; with  those who were acting false in the hood?  we didn't merge!

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