Saturday, July 28, 2012

The I-20 Chronicles; I Started Another One While I Was Here

Dipping down I-20 in Atlanta...soon we'll be all up in the spot; back at the scene of the crime!

 Who'll understand  a brotha? breakbeat science is dropped.. I had time to start another one while I was caught in a moment of time! 

As I come with this....scattered thoughts were collected while sitting in The Flying Biscuit eating fish and grits...who wants to see a brotha come undone..right at this critical stage of development? 

As I come with this good word...check the Random Thoughts..while O-Dizzle had the drum; check out the embellishment! 

Peeping game....what occurred? things were ill!! they were sick like Ebola in Uganda.....some were depressed like Jesse Jackson Jr...others were acting brand new with ya like Mitt Romney in Israel...some heard the fable..I noticed some fell for it;  they thought this was Mamby Pamby Land!

The Delta Aquarid Shower interrupted those sleeping in the game dreaming like Alice in Wonderland! 

Whose creeping up in the game like Syrian troops in Alleppo....whatcha know? the malice will cause endeavors to go under man!! now some are caught up in the system matrix! 

So called deep ones who took Viagra or Allegra talked a good game....but at the end of the day we found out that they faked it! 

The little honey will sleep with one or two...but I already knew what it do...from the ATL to Louisville...I never balled so some weren't checking on this one; so I staked it out...the territory!

A bruh stalled the hostile takeover; repelled using a hot style to tell this story!

But no hot style makeover from Oprah or Maury; a bruh is still keeping it real! 

Things are should know a hater will get foul with ya; while we were dipping down I-20 here in Atlanta...just trying to get peace to be still! 

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