Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Healing Of The Spirit Is Not Complete

Mentioned earlier and I continue to mention; let the healing process begin! 

Who will work with a bruh? rolling up like Mitt Romney at the NAACP convention;  the healing of the spirit is not complete!! but I keep trying again and again! 

....Trying to win in a game that's set up for me to lose...jokers try to repeal my program like health care laws like the GOP led house;  but I'm still standing at the end of the day!

....Bruised and battered while striving and struggling...will it lead to a mood disorder like Jesse Jackson Jr?  please!!  let the healing process begin!! but both Angels and Demons are standing in the way!

But we're circulating...were in transition...cruised through the ATL to STL;  stopped in Louisville..working angles rocking Phat Farm demins,  polos and rocking Air Maxes; but the appearance fools them! 

Standing accused like the Isaac Hayes joint; its strange though...have no fear; using this math to school them! 

The tri-lateral commission will rule them; like Al Qaeda in Yemen;  no peace referendum is passed! 

There's a moratorium on justice and peace; from the Middle East to inner city streets the guns blast! 

Gladiators in the Roman auditorium don't pray or the healing of the spirit is not complete!

....Plus haters weren't knowing that good things come from failure or defeat! 

Haters failed to alt shift delete us like Blogster; we just regroup!

Sonic Assaults are unleashed against the onslaught against freedom, rights, and privileges; like a mobster were trying to recoup!

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