Sunday, July 15, 2012


The reign began with a check the mass hysteria like the drama in Syria.. its storming!

 O-Dizzle puts it down; but the pain began with a cold heart contradicting the global warming! 

O-Zone is in your transition;  as I span the globe brainstorming; actually I'm intergalactic with it! 

Sonic Assaults are unleashed against against the enemy; they're just a bunch of fanatics! 

Are they instruments of God or the devil?  operating on different levels... it seems like they play both positions! 

Rolling like Angels and Demons contributing to the confusion; the Total Chaos....the harsh conditions! 

Working angles; smoke and mirrors enhanced by fog out here in the marsh...the gray area! 

Whose working it? one strangles like Boston with no assist from Rondo; please!!  Ray Allen even left the area! 

Whose hurting it? lost out in the did they respond to a bro? some were hating like Bobby Jindal..check the mass hysteria....fouling when I drove to the hoop!

Found out what the deal is; instruments of good and evil play in the background..the sound was a continuous loop! 

O-Zone will continue to give you the scoop....blasting off into the universe like a Russian Soyuz rocket while O-Dizzle will rock it...check the instruments! 

Yamaha keyboards and Roland drum machines get some open; as we try to deal with this!

Instruments of God or the devil show us how real it is; but we keep it moving!

 Its not we try to take it to another level...sometimes having to sacrifice..but we kept grooving!

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