Thursday, July 12, 2012

Disenfranchished / Discombobulated PT.2....Life Is Hectic

Disenfranchised...discombobulated...a brotha was out of sync with the ways of the world per Earth Wind and that made life hectic.

Mentioned earlier I'm in conflict with the world after the drama unfurled; like Mitt Romney vs Obama at the NAACP meeting  I was disrespected! 

I was disconnected; the operator says the number is no longer in service at this time! 

Areas were disinfected from the pest....Sade was asking is it a crime! 

ATL prime time players were recruiting members; hall of fame or hall of shame? 

Prime Time like Deion Sanders in an Atlanta Falcon uniform or maybe the red number 7 Mike Vick jersey...who'll work with me? I'm  down here with wannabe macks and divas; its all game! 

Who will understand us?  then they all try to caste blame when they find out life is hectic! 

Blaming the player or the game? confidence lacked in organized religion?  meanwhile were cashing reality checks and making sound affects! 

Clashing with the apparatus;  apparently they're the reason for the status! 

Life is hectic!! whose left disenfranchised...discombobulated?  caught out there like Penn State...please!! we had to sacrifice but we kept it moving..were back with this!

Life is hectic ....haters try to track this like Manhattanhenge...thought we would lose it and go on a binge...

But we keep moving forward...never backwards...that's whats happening.... 



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