Saturday, July 14, 2012

It Caught Up With Us

Damn!! taking a look at Mitt Romney at Bain Capital;  I see some stuff caught up with us! 

Residue was in the atmosphere...I soaked up game / cosmic debris from crooks and criminals that were brought up with us! 

What it do? from Cape Fear to Charlotte / Mecklenburg to Louisville / Newburg its all up in us; check the moves that we make! 

As we go there showing no a Chinese warship in the Philippines...ignored those Philistines...we didn't merge with the apparatus; checked the status...some will prove that they're fake! 

Jet setters / go getters make moves...they're break is on the way or so they think! 

Trendsetters want to prove they're ahead in the game; Jim Jones Kool Aid or elixirs are they drink! 

First responders and defenders raid danger zones wanting to provide; staring into the eye of the tiger they blink; soon they get gaffled! 

Like suicide bombers at Afghan weddings...history is repeating...fronting and faking caught up with some of us; soon we get baffled! 

Jokers ride like UN observers in Syria...rolling up on the mass hysteria..territories were raffled; now jokers mentioned spots getting sown up! tailors or seamstress...but their teams will lose this and that; like turds dropped in a toilet.....spots get blown up!

Coping strategies fail caught up with some of us; but these good words and brand new funk are dropped...blowing up spots from the STL to the ATL;  to Pluto and Mars! 

Sonic Assaults are unleashed on those faking the funk; the madness caught up with them....meanwhile we heal the emotional and physical scars! 

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