Thursday, July 19, 2012

Who Are They? Where Are They From?

Chilling down here in the ATL; sometimes the drama is like Damascus... some are caught up in the madness; I'm trying not to succumb!

 .....As I see jokers coming and going; here and and fro;  so where are they from? 

Taking a loss like Microsoft...where did they get their game from? I wasn't cut from that cloth! 

A Louisville / Newburg representative...funky fresh with it; I drunk the pimp juice, elixir or broth! 

Whats the deal? Charlotte / Mecklenburg influenced... down here in the A-Town doing whats conducive to survival! 

All up in the heart of it...the down south sun / bible belt; but I didn't merge my Midwest style in upon my arrival! 

Its all the way live bro!!! like Lakeside...that's how were transmitting..I was even urged to bow down to the drama royalty! 

Please...they were shady like the Trenton did I play it?  I peeped game...seeing who was showing a brotha loyalty! 

Boy please!! circumstances were debatable...being built or torn down?  we go straight to the source..knowing what the deal is! 

Boy please!! how is a joker trying to roll?  they could be a sorcerer's apprentice!

 ......Or maybe a celebrity apprentice; dealing with that crook Donald Trump! 

.......Or maybe they know what the real is; putting work in like O-Dizzle..trying to get over the hump!

 ......Dude said he was trying to get over like Super Fly per Curtis Mayfield;  said he was holding trump cards like a spades game!

 ....He said "it ain't tricking if you got it" ....some were all up on the stump or bully pulpit politicking or preaching;  now up in the charades again! 

But agents of Hades are once again controlling these earthlings!

I was observing the scene..they've got me asking; who are you? where are from? based on how they work things!

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