Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Story Is Unfolding As We Speak

Whats the deal? its like the mass hysteria in Syria...the story is unfolding as we speak! 

Borrowed a line from media pundits trying to re-write history.. telling you the outlook is bleak!

Whose face to face with a crook that will wreak havoc from Wall Street to Glenwood Rd in Decatur? 

Meeting expectations like Facebook earnings...bets are hedged plus rocks are smoked; soon there's information overload for a hater! 

Whose disrespecting? Facebook feeds cut off while I was going off..I took a look at the Mitt Romney in Europe  the irrelevant issue debater was kicking up dust! 

Chilling at Starbucks where the money came up short...just another crook with the scripture taken out of context?  a slick one we can't trust!

Chilling with the wannabe star / player /diva in Atlanta whose trusting to luck..chasing a dollar..In God We Trust was on the currency;  its a contradiction! 

Dealing with the wannabe Mafioso types and Zeta Cartels..the dollar and contraband was confiscated during the drug bust; a conflict of interest...fact or fiction?

Whatcha know? cons played it...a thug lusts for money, power and respect; but statues get snatched down like Joe Paterno's; fiction or non fiction was the story!

Its unfolding as we speak; but its like trying to race Usain Bolt... some say the outlook is bleak in this hostile territory! 

The Sonic Assault is unleashed; the good word will wreak havoc as I tell the story; as I put it down like this! 

Others were smoked out on bath salts...the story is unfolding as we speak;  check this!

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