Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Off By A Few Degrees

The timing was off by a few the global economy...we were out of sync! 

Wrote this during the summer solstice like I was at Stonehenge....enhanced by the Fourth of July proceedings in Wilmington NC;  we go off with these!! please!! were out here can be over with in a blink! 

The funky drummer is going off with these!! like I was out in Anaheim with the Hispanic community....what's the deally? lacking diplomatic immunity? the street funk will stink per O-Dizzle! 

The drug runner in Atlanta was working on a come up; dealing with the Chinese immigrant who had connections with the Zetas; he was pushing the Mercedes; the reign began with a drizzle!

 Now a Band on The Run member like Paul McCartney and Wings;  believing they can fly like R Kelly!

 Like James Holmes in Aurora weaponry will rumble; I heard them say damn!! my coping strategies will fail me! 

Whats up Holmes? dude said nobody will bail me out like banks in America or Spain! 

As we deal with mass hysteria; needing to undergo the healing process for the pain!

The unrest is like Syria or like Iran...whats up man?  during the ongoing process my intuition was working overtime! 

During the mass hysteria?  peace be still was the slogan used to stop the stress...especially when I see the system getting over on mine!

 But I can't be at ease...everything is off by a few degrees! 

The saga / struggle continues...fighting for freedom so we can do as we please!

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