Monday, May 13, 2013

The Raw Data

So whats up? like the Justice Department vs the Associated Press concerning phone records..we're going to need for you to process this raw data! 

Haters tried to corrupt the the IRS processing Tea Party papers;  flaws accented!! but we transcend and transform;  now check out how we holla atcha! 

Swing batter batter swing!! that was the encouragement given by the Little League! 

Please!! they had the best pitcher in the league like the San Francisco Giants Tim Lincecum..whats up son?  it was part of the plot and scheme! 

But the worst team in the league roughed him up!! I guess he didn't maintain focus! 

Flavor Flav and them told him don't believe the hype;  especially the type introduced by the bogus! 

Check the flavor as I type this raw data into the Samsung phone! 

Soon uploaded to Blogspot or maybe Wordpress...please!  its like Louisville Cardinals...some will get hurt by the press or even the zone! 

Were all up in the spot!! check out how O-Zone processes the raw data! 

All up in the spot!! O-Dizzle drops the funk when he hollas atcha! 

Information overload when we go into funk mode? some might get it twisted! 

Transformation from street code to government / corporate or spiritual;  the information?  we processed it! 

Dealing with the raw data!! coming raw when we holla atcha!! its like this and like that! 

Dealing with the raw data!! information overload to some during this spiritual warfare as we continue to fight that! 

As we continue to light that way out of the darkness!! check out the raw footage! 

Based on the raw data....not like Atlanta Watershed raw sewage..check the material as some go though the rites and rituals; they should act like they knew it!





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