Monday, November 11, 2013

Catching Up On Their Pimping PT. 4 (The Veterans Day Edition )

Spotted the old school Caddie Fleetwood Brougham dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!! he was having his own parade..I guess old dude was trying to catch up on his pimping!

Supposely a veteran in the Armageddon is approaching he can tell you its rough out here in these streets / in the hood!!  whatcha knowing?  its complex wishing it was a simple thing!

 Spotted "homie" approaching in Lenox Mall...a throwback...he pimped through this thing in the Stacy Adams with taps click clacking and he rocked the polyester slacks! 

...Or dipped through the Perimeter Mall / Dunwoody area in business suits..a wannabe mover or shaker like corporate CEOs or TeaParty Republicans...whats up man?  health care websites?  a joker hacks! 

Lawsuits were call thats all... its that kind of party!! another attacks the character attempting an assassination! 

Another loots the treasury per Dick Cheney and his crew ..act like you knew...pleasure will be the mission per catching up on their pimping! 

Spotted jokers bouncing / limping through..the government shutdown is over!! now the cash flow picks up! 

Spotted jokers snitching / whistle blowing and Wikileaking!! meanwhile across the galaxy Euro satellites are falling to earth and  stars are streaking!!  per Aaron Alexis the electromagnetic frequencies pick up!

O-Dizzle kept pitching...loss or win streaking!! Mercury is direct ..moving forward...knowledge is kicked up in the piece!!

Whats the dizzle? jokers were catching up on their pimping..much respect to veterans that were on a mission...soon realizing theres no justice or peace...

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