Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jokers Still Haven't Learned Their Lesson!

 Taking a look at things; damn!!  like Ted Cruz vs Jay Leno..I see some jokers still haven't learned their lessons! 

Taking a look at things!! It Wasn't Natural! some act ungrateful with what they have / earned; but God still blessed them! 

Like Bank of America / Countryside...a crook had things under control!! hateful!!  its not odd that the system stressed them and those! 

The Bible / rules book for the game mentioned it!  along with the old school Baptist preacher..they said the devil will oppose! 

The rules?  a crook broke those!!  check the Deliberate Falsehood;  some are soon facing a baptism of fire!! I suppose no long range plans were made! 

O-Dizzle? he got busy...hook lines and his own beats were used!!  check the Street Funk...check the sonic aggression as I get with them!!  will I bully them like Richie Incognito vs Jonathan Martin? its going down before the shot clock expires!! the funk is played!

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