Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Daylight / Others Were Misled....Waiting In The Dark PT.2

The structure was compromised...damn!! even the printer stopped working!! documents were mis-fed! 

The corrupt devised intricate plots like dark money non-profits; ..citizens were misrepresented ..hustles?  the system knocked it!! others were misled! 

Now they're waiting in the dark....please!! .. they're on standby!! listened to word from the so called prophets...they believed the damn lie!

We kept it moving...determined like Haitian migrants..R.I.P... the mothership was rolling!! but I spotted other vehicles waiting in park...whats that noise?  I heard the damned cry!! 

Whats the noise? it seemed some lost their poise.. they sounded like the Doves Prince talked about! 

Others were debating circumstances;  being built or torn down?  meanwhile O-Zone was soaking up Scorpio sun rays...now were in Sagittarius...ways and means? various...exercised while parking
lot pimping!!  that's what its all about! 

Others were misled..like double agents at Gitmo...tricked into going all out!! nefarious was how they played!!  now they're caught up in the system / matrix! 

They were misled....soon they'll be through dealing after believing those that faked it! 

I couldn't take it any longer..it seems I've gotten stronger since the New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Scorpio! 

Refusing to be misled..word from a veteran in the game now coaching!!  knowing how the sport will go!

Check the dread persona even though the baldy is rocked..realizing its all on me..daylight is approaching..so I'm locked in..

Check the drama..local national international or intergalactic...but karma will catch up with a fanatic...O-Dizzle rocked them...

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