Tuesday, November 26, 2013


They weren't checking for me!! but that could be a good thing! 

I moved on....like B-52's bombers flying over the China defense identification zone.....I'm letting them do what they do!!  at the end of the day?  they'll see its a hood thing! 

I got my groove on!!  even though its a cold day in Atlanta ...understand a bruh..I'm doing what I do! 

The cold air rejuvenated me!!  it was like hitting the reset button;  even though some jokers act brand new.. 

..seeing what it do..hated me? like the GOP vs Obamacare.. please!! I had to move to a safe haven / safe harbor...its cold out there!! 

...but the universe gave me signals....like the Comet ISON   caught in a solar storm approaching the earth...whats it all worth? I know the devil will oppose!! one of his advocates even debated me! Its cold out there!! 

Some were down to Plan Z..they'll jump from platforms at Oakland Coliseum! 

Its cold out there!!  check the inclement weather..like the storm approaching the East Coast on Thanksgiving...some were ill prepared..I see them but wouldn't want to be them! 

O-Zone is the skull cap king !! as I do the damn thing!! rocking one as I type this! 

Danger zone priorities have shifted..the Sun is in Sagittarius but this brotha knows what the hype is! 

Danger zone priorities have shifted..like George Zimmerman with five guns nefarious ones play the hand that's dealt them! 

Clones in these territories thought they'd be uplifted...trying to dip in Ford Escapes..but now dealing with issues and pressures...I even felt them!

 I'm over it..letting them do what they do during the ongoing process..deals were illuminated.. I can see me and my folk were hated!

 I'm over it..I move on;  good things happen when I keep it moving!! I'm rejuvenated!

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