Friday, November 22, 2013

Disrespecting / Disconnecting / Sacrificing

Whats the deal?  at the end of the day true colors were revealed per
Richie Incognito...jokers were disrespecting! 

So whats real compared to what?  per Les McCann and Eddie Harris!! we knew jokers wouldn't be fair with this!  that's why I'm incognegro!! but soon disconnecting! 

Its like I signed off the website! or like was no connection!

Its like I signed off on the contract...but jokers ain't right!! they said its all love but please!! the drama can jump off an NBA game they push and shove..ready to fight like Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios! .....there's no connection!

 Its like I signed off on the deal!! its way too real!! its like I'm playing hunger games!! sacrificing until something better comes through!

 Its like I signed off on the deal!!  now subject to price gouging while crooks were lounging!! like Joe Biden I borrow $10..but O-Dizzle  brought the drums through! 

O-Zone runs through the Babylon wilderness trying to stay one or more steps ahead of the devil!

Whats really going on? ..per my other know jokers will take dramatics to the next level! 

The Dramatics said what you see is what you get!! I don't like what I'm staring at! 

Disrespecting..disconnecting knowing I'll be sacrificing!! but I know jokers aren't fair with that! 

Expecting them to share that?  please!! nobody has it like that!! everybody is suffering! 

All they have is misery.....enough folks join?  they can start a company!!  what kind of product will they bring?

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