Thursday, November 14, 2013

Technical Difficulties PT.4 Damn! Here We Go Again!!

Damn here we go again!! dealing with these technical difficulties! 

I even had to retype this..on this Samsung phone!! once again its on!! respect a bruh as I bring these! 

..As we deal with hype concerning sites like not working..especially after Republicans hacked it! 

As we deal with Richie Incognito types in this spiritual warfare!! they said what we have is not working!! saying we lacked it! 

Keeping it real!! but still incognegro!! its rough out here dealing with the apparatus!! corporations macked it!

 Keeping it real!! Negro please!!  its rough out here!! rations are low!! but I wasn't slack with it! 

NSA hacked it and tracked it per Google and Yahoo!! what it do?  they'll have an idea!

 But were back with it!! dealing with the technical we deal with these!! bear witness to this breakbeat scientific idea!

Were back with it...dealing with the technical difficulties...jokers tried to blame it on an information overload...

Were back with it...dealing with the technical difficulties...we broke north with this..were in transition / transformation mode...

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