Monday, November 18, 2013

I Dipped On Them PT.4 (What Was I Supposed To Do? )

I saw the thought and fashion police go one I went in the opposite direction!

 Sonic Assaults are weapons used when clashing with so called Titans!! they said I match composites during their ongoing search for perfection!

 Hell was caught per Natalie Cole..damn!! the erection lasted for four hours!! George Zimmerman types think they're invincible.. somebody call the doctor!

 Hell was caught!!  I see how jokers I dipped on them!! I had to roll up out of that spot!! now posted up in a new section...these days?  O-Dizzle will rock ya! 

Out there..dipping on them!! like the Maven mission to Mars;
 or like meteors streaking across Russian skies..knowing the system will knock your hustle! 

Out there..tripping on them!!  feet were stuck out in the aisle!! some even tripped on their own feet like Rob Ford..but I'm seeing scores and highlights on insights are dropped / check the I exercise mental muscle! 

Out there...tripping on them and those who were misled!! I'm not on one accord with them...they were waiting in the dark! 

Out there...dipping on them!!  going all out!!  going another route!!  confirmed by kindred spirits who played the similar style..parking lot pimping...chilling / waiting down in Shawnee Park! 

....up in Louisville;  the real deal!!  face to face with a crook?   not crowded or corporate like Facebook! 

Whats the deal?  I'm over it...I kept it moving in this ongoing race..just take a look!

Whats the deal? what was I supposed to do? should know the devil is oppossed to you...

Whats the deal!! this brand new funk is dropped...this good word is composed too...

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