Sunday, November 17, 2013

Technical Difficulties PT.5

Damn here we go again!! so whats the deal? from Typhoon Haiyan to Leonid Meteor Showers; check the drama in these last few hours..were dealing with all these technical difficulties! 

Damn here we go again!! high or low will it go? from a Solar Eclipse to Mercury Scorpio!! where they intersect...O-Dizzle looked for a beat that's perfect..still real with this thing...authentic !! that's whats up with these! 

Like the Obamacare fiasco....knowing the information overload can cause a brain freeze!!  like eating ice cream too fast! 

...expecting drama when we go like Tabasco sauce!!....knowing the transition / transformation mode is not an easy process!!  please!!  haters / facilitators were like Keith Sweat trying to make it last! 

The Fresh View / Fresh Vision mode is deployed! please!! these haters will try to make you sweat in the sauna aka the smoke and mirrors!

Claiming they're funky fresh!!  now we have a fresh batch of the horrors and terrors. 

My people catch hell during these grey area scenarios!!  haters will
manipulate these technical difficulties!

 Sites will get hacked like  by Tea Party Republicans that's whats up man!!  cults plot those and these! 

What?  the next level dramatics!! these fanatics are at it
once again!!  just take a look around! 

Check out the technical difficulties!!  these good words?  I starting writing these  at 9:10 on this strategy working?   O-Dizzle also had his own hook lines and beats as we
get down!

Whats the dizzle? as we put it down like this... but still facing every obstacle possible..

The reign began with a its storming..thunder / lightning..foggy..smoke and mirrors? spotted the Ghost with the Protocol...saying this Mission would be Impossible..

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