Thursday, November 28, 2013

Its Rough Out Here PT.5 (Thanksgiving Day Edition)

Please!! even though its Thanksgiving Day..I had to tell them once again!! that its rough out here! 

Thanks for blessings our given...we even heard from the Detroit Lions!  but somebody is lying!! they should already know everybody is going through something;  please!!  I see them out here! 

...spotted when I was rolling through the hood...dipping down I-20 in over on Candler Road in Decatur...circumstances determined by a hater? ..they're dealing with this and that! 

The apparatus plotted and schemed up in this like Democrats trying to distance themselves from Obama because of Obamacare my people try to stay a step ahead of this and that! 

Check the status..its rough out here!!  check the drama!! evil forces teamed up!! stormtroopers teamed up with the thought and fashion police! 

Check the status..some are caught up in the system / matrix!!  they
took Digital Underground's advice trying to do as they like / as they

Please!!  its rough out here!!  but this Sonic Assault movement is
similar to the Underground Railroad movement back in the day! 

Please!!  its rough out here!! we were outta here!! but  when we move away from it a hater gets back in the way!

So Ruff So Tuff like Roger and Zapp when we go there..O-Dizzle's funky track will play as I type this good word...

Enough is enough...this science is dropped on Black Friday Eve; but holiday shopping has already started..but food banks and pantries struggled..but the hungry were served...

Enough is will this black man play? its rough out here!! the arch nemesis swerved like Vladimir Putin trying to re-write Russian history...

Its rough out here!! then the arch nemesis wanted to post up on the premises making empty promises..wanted us to repeat history..

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