Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nothing Has Changed; Whose Wise To The Set Up?

Whats the word from these Navajo like code talkers?  the 21st Century version! 

Observing the scene;  whatcha know? were chilling down here in the ATL...the street code is followed...but I see everything is not working! 

ATLiens were mad because the Falcons didnt rise up ..against the New Orleans Saints who were in town when I typed this! 

Now Georgia plays Georgia we dip through these streets in Georgia one step ahead of stormtroopers..any respect? others were supposedly high tech...there's nothing I can tell them!!  they said they already knew!! but I was wise to the set up!! Public Enemy warned us about what the hype is! 

Whats the status of the harvest for the world per the Isleys? who survived Black Fridays?  somebody asked how this black man will play these? check the Quincy Jones type secret garden..ripe is how the plants are! 

Whats the status?  were ready to start this / hit the street with it!!  rising up to the occasion!! high?  thats how our standards are! 

Whats the status?  still discrete with it!! jokers were playing games like PS4 or XBox One...but were still wising up the masses with this good word! 

The apparatus is sick with it / slick with it!!  the wise and otherwise act like they smoked some good herb! 

You heard?  maybe you didnt..act like you know this!! word from Shuggie Otis!!  you need to be wise to the set up! 

We peeped game;  now were over it!! moving forward!! we can't let up!

Can't say we won't be set the Obamacare website...some are waiting on us to fail... 

Check out how we come we take it the end of the day? we prevail..

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