Saturday, November 23, 2013

Your Outta Here!!

Jokers were playing it like Prince Fielder...the pitch was swung on and missed; now the umpire shouts your outta here! 

Some try to say they were a bridge builder..a don't stop get it getter!! but a snitch was hung out to dry...check the exile like Edward Snowden ...supposedly whistleblowing;  get outta here! 

Others weren't "yielders"  to  a switch was hit ...keyboards were punched or tapped; now the NSA will catch you out there!! or the voice mail will be like Richie Incognito's! up in Louisville / Newburg a ditch was occupied by those that lied!! the perpetrators will be chilling!! drinking a Rum and Coke and eating Doritos! 

...or maybe Fritos or Cheetos!! with a Big Red soda!! a ghetto meal!! Cheryl Lynn said its got to be real or your outta here! 

Check the swag / Time Lord on Dr. Who...a bruh is intergalactic!! taking space flights like Richard Branson..were outta here! 

Check the dagger in the back or the gun clap!! its due to foul conduct!! your outta here per Charles Bronson Death wishes! 

...Or maybe outta here like Jimmy Hoffa buried in concrete or like the slick Louisvillian / Louisvillain in the Ohio River swimming with fishes!

..Playing it like Derrick Rose with the scoring and the dishes..wait; he's hurt again?  

Playing it with this prose and broken beats...the devil will oppose because I represent the streets...the essence of this discipline..even though its not working!! least not at the present moment...evil is the opponent...but I must be doing something right...I keep dodging parting shots...

They told me...your outta here!! they must see me moving forward..acknowledging my warning shots...
We're Outta There!! Over It!! Check The Way Way Out There Mix

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