Sunday, November 17, 2013

I'm Over It PT.2

 This brotha is letting it go!! damn!!  I guess you can say I'm over it! 

Breaking the cycle...history repeating?  its not my fault!!  I'm using the Sonic Assault to get over with! 

Breaking the Superman leaving the building per Michael Jordan.... I'm dodging Crossing Jordan types rocking some 23 Jumpman's!! whats up man?  back in the day my peeps were crossing the Nile! 

Breaking a little something off on a tangent;  damn it!!  warning shots were fired at the arch nemesis on the premises! but like the drone that hit the Navy ship the situation was foul!!

Breaking a little something off ...jokers were told to watch their tone!! they managed to get off some parting shots...they  might even hack the system like The Tea Party did! 

Its always something!! now its the Tea Party vs Duck Dynasty..why did jokers try to start with me? I tell them its not that kind of party!! but some said its all love! 

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