Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Caught Out In The Inclement Weather PT.4

Were caught up / caught out here!! dealing with the inclement weather! 

Sonic Assaults are up next!!  that's our response even though a hater was like Dennis Rodman vs Chris Cuomo...they said whatever! 

Tonics and elixirs brew!!  cunning and clever scientists said they had with right potions like Tamiflu! 

Polar vortexes show how complex it is!! meanwhile  O-Zone is next with this!! but a naysayer told me... we don't understand you! 

...Asking myself; where did the mothership land you?  after dodging solar flares I'm down here in the danger zone with these earthlings;  wishing it was simple! 

Its cold out here!!  I had to pull out the old school First Down bubble coat!! plus  rocking a skully with a Ecko Unlimited hoodie ...as I pimp through! 

Its rough out here!!  what's a pimp supposed to do?  drama from 2013 rolled over into 2014! 

As we go there..spotted players meeting and greeting!!  claiming its going to be a good year!!! but then like the unrest in Syria..I see thought and fashion police patrolling! 

Other players see this is a street thing!! nothing corporate about it!!   we didn't trust Bernie Madoff types!! as we rebuke the weather makers! 

Global warming part of the picture?  as we receive corporal punishment from the Lord!! whatever said the fakers! 

Check the sonic mixture and this scripture as we span the globe brainstorming!! running this marathon!!  please!!  the inclement weather was worldwide! 

Strobe lights preceded the disco inferno!! burn baby burn!! like deep waters with sharks and piranhas there's no where to hide!

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