Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Sword Of Truth / Concealed Deadly Weapon?

Taking the old school preachers advice... I'm trying to govern myself accordingly! 

Back in my Taxi Cab Chronicle days?  old girls and old boys carried rusty pistols..that's what chasing a fistful of dollars per Clint Eastwood will do;  recognize where the boundary or border will be!

Chilling out in the lab... that's where you found me!! it's famine or feast in the I pack a sword of truth! 

Dealing with madness out the Central African Republic; ....its rough!!  check the swag / steelo if your in search of the proof! 

Check the swag / steelo..they said I was arrogant and aloof!!  please!!  its rough out here!!  I'm trying to stay calm and deal with it! 

A raggedy ass / tacky Negro? naw!!  blasting the Speakerboxx..but there's no Love Below;  is there no Balm In Gilead? 

Staying calm;  real with it!!! I've got the ultimate weapon..the sword of truth! 

Staying calm in the midst of so many falsehoods!! jokers were acting false in the hood!! like Gates vs Obama / Biden...some are uncouth!

But now the roof is on fire per the disco inferno...some didn't learn though...hate is apparent..they couldn't hide from seems the deliberate falsehood caught up with them..

But now the roof is on fire...O-Dizzle brought the drum out..some will get what's coming to them..

Proof concerning the empire was the polar vortex this world is cold...the reign began with a those humming and bumming got their weight up...

Proof concerning the umpire was provided..he and the official were paid off!! bipolar!!..saying the sport is complex?  ..I swung this sword of truth at them...supposedly a concealed deadly weapon...hazardous material? check the clock..time for the hate was up... 


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