Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Sport Is Complex PT.5 / It's Rough Out Here

Rookies will find out the hard way!! what?  that this sport is complex! 

Bookies bet against this veteran in the game now coaching  like Pete Carroll...but life is a marathon...I found a portal to slide through!! now I come with the next! 

O-Dizzle will rock this!!  as I come with the text!! out here in these streets..check how I roll.. bearing witness to what the sport will do! 

Drizzles preceded the reign!!  I'm just trying to maintain!!  staying on this mission!! haters say abort!!  that's what I need to do! 

Actually?  I'm doing what I do!!  that's what I need to do!! life is too short to be wasting time! 

Actually?  I'm acting like I knew!!  knowing the sport is complex!! but soon successful!!  I'm tasting mine! 

Cutting and pasting mine!! while the system's webmasters were hacking like the Target credit card breach..or trying to hit alt shift delete! 

Beats and English are broken..its serious!! nobody is joking !! priorities shift out in the street!

Unlike the Carlyle Group buying ITW...from Wall Street to "Yawls"  street its rough out there!!  the sport
is complex! 

Its rough out there!!  this world is cold per Alberta Clippers and the polar vortex!

Its rough out there...per Aaron Alexis and the ELF...or maybe the polar vortex is caused by HAARP..

It's rough out there...the sport is complex...WTF? ...some are looking for closure after the foreclosure...they were waiting on HARP...

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