Friday, February 07, 2014

Way Way Out There / An Outside The Boxer

Check me out!! before I step off the set like Jay Leno...that is if you can..because I'm way way out there! 

O-Zone doesn't play..check the swag / steelo..a bruh is an outside the boxer!! but like the Staple Singers I'll take you there! 

Danger zones are like the Staples Center in LA when the Lakers were rolling winning championships! 

Now they're struggling like everyone else...just trying to get a grasp of this! 

Trying to get a grip!!  I Let go and Let God per Marvin Sapp!! but that put me outside the box! 

A Louisvillian like Muhammad Ali!! that makes me an outside the boxer?  please!!  O-Dizzle will rock!

 O-Zone a Louisvillain? it seems  jokers play me that way!!  I checked out the sideways glances and heard the whispers..I can see I'm treated different!

 In a zone!! way way out there...intergalactic!!  but when I came back down to Earth they said I was like Chris Christie..belligerent!

 But I deal with it..I'm real with it!! as I put it down like this! 

Somebody might feel it!! but jokers usually weren't checking
for me as I use the sound to fight this! 

Jokers will get hit up with the steady bombardment from the sonic assault! 

They'll get whats coming to them!! O-Dizzle is funky drumming for them!! its my response to the hell that's caught!



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