Monday, August 10, 2015

Seasons / Reasons PT.3

Seasons change / reasons change, so the clean loose leaf is filled with the black ink; the message? these HP keyboards transmitted it..

 It's back to school in Metro Atlanta, summer is over but not officially, meanwhile this funky drummer is trying to get over!! officially!!  bear witness to the *Steady Bombardment*

  Acting a fool like gunshots heard in Ferguson per the Mike Brown shooting anniversary?  jokers are trying to trump up charges; zones under attack like I'm a prime suspect..

Acting a fool like Donald Trump?  when he runs off at the mouth it's like gunshots heard!! you heard son?  you'll get no respect..

It Keeps Flowing; what? the negativity!! we'll be in it up to our necks; mentioned earlier per  I was Going In..

Seasons change / reasons change / treasons change!! like the US Consulate attacked in Turkey the ear shattering gunshots exploded;  damn!! The Mothership was fired on!! thought and fashion police acted up from false flaggers at  Blogster to false Google algorithms!! they tried to act brand new with a brotha, but once again I'm  flowing...

Seasons change / reasons change / treasons change!! now some are micro chipped / bar coded, plus radiation in their body is detected like UN Inspectors working in Iran...

Seasons change / reasons change / treasons change!! the Brotha O dipped down I-20 in Atlanta avoiding stormtroopers and Hunger Games Peacekeepers!! we keep it moving at a High Velocity, but we have the speed you need man!!

Seasons change / reasons change / treasons change!! these are rough times we're living in!!  *The Situation Is Critical*

We're fighting back with this scripture and mixture!! check this good word plus funk like George Duke and the Dukey Stick!! this is what it do!!

Acting like we knew!! no pictures taken with the selfie stick, not faking it!! no out of order sign was put up..

Seasons / Reasons change!! backs are against the wall, so what it do? "We're Going For What We're Knowing" that's what's up!!

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