Monday, March 02, 2020

Caught Up In The Middle Of The Action (Part Five)

It's going down, check us out!! once again it's on!! using a lot of catch phrases in this first sentence..

We're caught up in the middle of the action, like Pete Buttigieg losing traction? hopes diminishing for the finish?

Maybe Bernie Sanders is losing traction you dig? Joe Biden with the momentum? meanwhile we're Freedom Riding  with the 2.0 version after receiving the ultimatum...

Learning / understanding after the mothership was landing!! O-Dizzle solved the sonic riddle while O-Zone willl provide the description verbatum..

Caught up in the middle of the action, grandstanding? naw!! plans will fizzle as the heat sizzles / singes leading to losing streaks / binges...

Astrologers blame it on Mercury Retrograde in Pisces and back to Aquarius in the ongoing Age Of Aquarius mentioned by Okada Taxi and Rich Medina; you might have seen this brotha out on the fringes..

Sociologists from "out in those streets"  throwing shade? naw, not nefarious!! I am caught up in the middle of the action  but your dude had a moment or two,  so he decided to wax poetic. 

Writing Book of Job style with these I-20 Chronicles,   similar to the Book of Chronicles?  on this Monday Morning the response to these and those;  in Atlanta?  life is hectic!! 

Reflected by the empty Job 1.5 rolling papers next to the empty Salem's in the green pack? used by my dude with the doo rag / wave cap on in church yesterday that was smelling like that loud? 

 Reflected by  the empty Budweiser can on the curb?  the wise and otherwise should understand after being kicked to the curb!!  soon they'll be back, caught up in the middle of action with the rest of the crowd..

Spotted dipping down I-20 or I-285 here in Atlanta caught up in the traffic / caught up in the middle of action!! up on their feet!! trying to stay a step ahead of the alt shift delete proposed by the Matrix architect? 

What's up with it?  peep game don't fall asleep in the middle of the game!! it's rough out here in these streets!!   when caught up in the middle of action /  the game?  you'll have to show respect.

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