Monday, June 01, 2020

3rd Avenue 2020 | Progressive House Set | Mixed By Johnny M | Part 1

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; excuse us but we're in the midst of this O-Dog Day Party..

....trying to uplift the masses in the midst of ongoing police brutality protests and this coronavirus pandemic; in the heart of it is where we'll be..

Priorities shift along with the narrative / time line still taking it there / going for mine uplifting you and yours..

Territories are lifting shelter in place restrictions with Reopening America rhetoric but cities are under curfew with Trump ready to invoke some kind of Insurrection Act?  he'll need to get back jack like the Beatles talked about and go check the scores..

We'll tell these stories while sheltering in place, showing love from a distance!!  usually out on the avenue listening to this 3rd Avenue 2020 | Progressive House Set | Mixed By Johnny M | Part 1

The perfect soundtrack / score for the ongoing horror movie? check out the playlist and the mix to see!! once again it's on!!

01. NAHS and J.P. Velardi - Beautiful Sense (Dio S Remix) 00:00 
02. Felipe Gonzalez (AR) - Sagan (Dub Mix) 05:52

03. J Lannutti - Mangostas (Original Mix) 12:32

04. Rodrigo Djedjeian - Ants Procession (Original Mix) 19:28

05. Nacho Pascual - Ulia (Original Mix) 26:24

06. Pedro Capelossi - Blackberry (Original Mix) 33:03

07. Alberto Hernandez (MX) - In Another Life (Original Mix) 40:32

08. Nacho Quaglini - Phases (Original Mix) 46:56

09. Bynomic - Space Diamond (Mariano Favre Remix) 52:32

10. Fl√ła - Voices (Original Mix) 58:44

11. Pedro Capelossi - Blackberry (Christian Monique Remix) 1:05:08 

12. Rodrigo Lapena and Gonzalo Sacc - One Day (Original Mix) 1:11:51

13. Ale Abbati - Dreaming (Original Mix) 1:18:48

14. Goda Brother - City Above the Clouds (Agustin Giri Remix) 1:25:05

15. Jeff Eveline - Crashes In Love (Beije Remix) 1:30:52

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