Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Deep, Classic & Soulful House Mix ♫ 2020

Digital Crate Digging Continues, check us out!! we're getting this HumpDay Extravaganza underway...

Took a brief hiatus away from the madness, no Terrible / Terrific Tuesday segment this sonic regiment was up and down I-85 in Charlotte, the Queen City..

Took a brief hiatus, didn't play this #BlackoutTuesday strategy many are waiting in the dark about to blackout like O-Dizzle mentioned in the mix..

Waiting on justice and peace from Beatties Ford Road in Charlotte to 26th in Broadway in Louisville to other parts of the country where it's real per these George Floyd protests on up to Minneapolis...

What's up with us? per bearing witness to what the street does we're O-Dog Day Partying with a purpose, listening to Deep, Classic & Soulful House Mix ♫ 2020

Check out the playlist and the mix, like I mentioned we're partying with a purpose in the midst of this coronavirus and other types of madness going down in this year of 2020!!

01. Blue Six - Pure (Jay's Original Vocal)
02. Thick Dick - Insatiable (Vocal)
03. Fish Go Deep feat. Tracey K - The Cure & The Cause
04. Micronoise - And You
05. Addvibe - I Want (Twolegs)
06. Ben Watt - Lone Cat (Holding On)
07. Word Of Mouth - Reach Out (Dub)
08. Harley & Muscle, India - Then Came You (Jamie Lewis Where We Came From)
09. Allister Whitehead, A.M Dusk - Free Your Mind (Richard Earnshaw Classic Vocal)
10. Marc Cotterell - Those Day's
11. Matt Early, Ray Hurley, Abi Flynn - Get To Me Once (Mike Millrain)
12. David Penn, DJ Chus - Will I (Discover Love) (Original Stereo Cool)
13. Dave Anthony, Newman (UK) feat. Susu - Magnify (Groove Assassin Slam Dub)
14. One51 - Si Weka (Club)
15. Groove Junkies, Solara - Sunshine (Sol Brilliante) (GJ's Nueva Soul Reprise)
16. Praful - Inspiração (Hardsoul Treatment)
17. Afromedusa - Pasilda (Knee Deep)
18. Salomé De Bahia - Outro Lugar
19. Alex Agore - Bae
20. Luis Radio, Luigi De Angelis - Reaching Out
21. Soul Creation - Nia's Journey Back
22. Mylo, Claptone - Drop The Pressure (Purple Disco Machine)

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