Monday, June 08, 2020

It All Falls Apart (Part One)

I  was looking at the structure; damn!!  it all falls apart!! noticed the foundation was weak, nothing can stand on it.

Like GOP members still rolling with Trump (well some Bush and Romney said they aren't)  those that said they had a heart were faking, now corrupt ones! whats up son? we're doing the knowledge as the mothership takes off to another planet that's a safe haven /  safe harbor; I'm trying to land on it!

Whats up son / daughter? what's heard? what's seen?  for one thing, we're in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic but O-Dizzle is still trying to jam on it like Newcleus.

One man band on the run like Paul McCartney!!  it didn't surprise us that jokers were trying to start with me like Trump vs Colin Powell as some jokers were rolling foul /  acting brand new with us!

Some understand now!!  it all falls apart as they'll lash out like George Floyd protests around the world!! black lives matter is heard as we move on to the next..

Some don't understand; defund the police a political trap? others will get pimp slapped by reality, soon having a meltdown because endeavors are null and void!! soon waiting in the dark hoping to make the simple complex!

It all falls apart in the land of the free and home of the brave, but thought and fashion police are mad at some of my people who blame it on late stage capitalism..

It all falls apart in the land of the free and home of the brave, or so called; per the ongoing scenarios right wing pundits deny systematic racism..

It all falls apart but we'll  do what we do!! some say we misbehave per Grey Area / Bay Area Scenarios but we were just getting breakbeat scientific..

It all falls apart but we'll  do what we do!! digital crate digging continues on this Music Monday but O-Zone had to get specific..

....good word dropping; later on dropping funk, jazzing it up or hip hopping!! started this post on Monday morning but this science is good for any time period..

Utilizing this Fresh View / Fresh Vision to let my constituents know it all falls apart but now we have a chance to put it back together again; that's how we'll deal with it..

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